Jeremy Malcolm

Child Protection and Civil Liberties in the Balance

Around the world, democratic governments are attempting to establish a new norm that they should have the power to read your private messages. This is happening now in the United Kingdom, where WhatsApp, Signal, and the Wikimedia Foundation have telegraphed to the UK government that they would leave the jurisdiction rather than place their users […]

Four Proposed Child Safety Laws, Four Approaches

The U.S. EARN IT Act, Britain’s Online Safety Bill and its stateside counterpart the Kids Online Safety Act, an upcoming European regulation combating child sexual abuse online, and a proposed United Nations convention on cybercrime, are a few current proposals for new legal instruments addressing child safety online at national, regional, and global levels. While […]

How Your Platform Can Protect Young People from Online Harms

As any parent knows, raising children can be equal parts fulfilling, daunting, and frustrating. While Internet platforms aren’t parents, their relationships with their younger users can be similarly complex. Young people may be early tech adopters, but they frequently place a greater load on trust and safety teams than adults do, and their usage is […]

Jeremy Malcolm

Trust & Safety Consultant