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Jeremy Malcolm

Gain access to over two decades of professional experience in

Net Governance Trust & Safety Internet Law Public Policy

by engaging a pathbreaking and awarded expert.

Trust & Safety Expert

Content moderation for the Internet of 2023

  • Maintain a lively and diverse platform without tolerating hate or abuse
  • Take a public health informed approach to preventing and reducing harm
  • Integrate a compliant CSAM scanning and reporting workflow
  • Moderate images, text, and video effectively at any scale

Navigate the shifting global regulatory landscape

  • Handle divergent rules on content regulation and censorship 
  • Minimize your exposure to liability as an intermediary
  • Make the DMCA, content licensing, and copyright work for you
  • Stay compliant with GDPR and other privacy regimes

Have an effective policy advocate on your team

  • Educate policymakers about the value your business creates
  • Lift up global best practices and make the case for law reform
  • Interface with public health and and human rights communities
  • Have your business represented at global Internet policy events

Other Areas of Expertise

Internet Governance

Intellectual Property

IT Services

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Jeremy Malcolm

Trust & Safety Consultant