Jeremy Malcolm

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IT Solutions Expert

Jeremy has been managing IT services businesses since 1998, and currently facilitates hosting, moderation, content development, and other business services for creatives in the Internet and adult sectors. Other solutions that he and his team have deployed include real-time virus, spam, and CSAM filtering, VoIP telephony, web application development, and high definition video capture, production and editing. 

He was a Developer of the Debian GNU/Linux operating system from 2002-2014. Jeremy is a past Director of the Internet Society of Australia, Secretary of the Australian Public Access Network Association, Vice Chairperson of the Society of Linux Professionals (Western Australia), and Executive Committee Member of the Western Australian Internet Association.

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Specialist IT Services

CSAM scanning

Keep your platform safe by integrating scanning of uploaded content against industry standard databases of known illegal images.

Bulletproof hosting

Secure offshore hosting can provide legal certainty, reduce compliance costs, and maximize users' freedom and privacy.

Application development

From content scanning and moderation plugins, to complete web applications that incorporate safety by design.

Open Source Code

Other Areas of Expertise

Trust & Safety

Internet Governance

Intellectual Property

Jeremy Malcolm

Trust & Safety Consultant